Meet Faruk | 60 second interview

Meet Faruk | 60 second interview

April 20, 2019 0 By matv

Get to know Faruk from Nigeria. He joins with me in his first 60 second interview. Find out how he answered the questions in only 60 seconds. Can you do better?

Here is why #60secMatters to find more about people’s lifestyle, personalities and secrets.

Faruk | 60 second interview | Talk with #MohammedAli

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(release date: 12 May 2019 at 10 AM GMT) – More travel videos here.

Surprise questions like ‘What song is in your head right now?’, ‘Tell us a secret! ‘, ‘Who was the last person you text and what did it say?’ turns the 60 second interview into a real funny show to watch. Can you too beat the questions? Then send me an email to contact(at) to join me in my next show.


Faruk | 60 second interview | Talk with #MohammedAli

Faruk | 60 second interview | Talk with #MohammedAli

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