Kimberly Gonzalez | Muslims in Chile

Kimberly Gonzalez | Muslims in Chile

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It may sound surprising, but there are about 4000 or more people of Muslim faith here in Chile. On a Sunday walk I actually discovered a beautiful and peaceful place of worship here in Viña del Mar with Arabic words.


Follow me and learn more about my beautiful life here in Viña del Mar. Get to know more about me and about my simple life as a female solo traveler.


I am 23 year old girl from Viña del Mar, Chile who loves and shares my travel passions with others. Follow on my journeys to cities like New York, Chile or Mexico every week on YouTube.


Kimberly Gonzalez | Muslims Kimberly Gonzalez


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I am a very positive person who loves to share good vibes with others. I love eating Chilean food like charquican, panellala and pastel de choclo. I live near the beach and love to watch the sunset every evening.


Kimberly Gonzalez | Muslims in Chile

Kimberly Gonzalez | Muslims in Chile


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Kimberly Gonzalez

Kimberly Gonzalez

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