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Meet Sofia | 60 second interview

April 13, 2019 0

Get to know Sofia from Columbia. She joins with me in her first 60 second interview. Find out how she answered the questions in only 60 seconds. Can you do better? Then why not join this fun challenge today. Here is why #60secMatters to find more about people’s lifestyle, personalities and secrets. Sofia | 60…

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Five amazing things to do in little Columbia | TravelTalk

April 1, 2019 0

Columbia is where colonial meets contemporary. It is a verdant wonderland. Enjoy the Andean summits, untouched Caribbean coast, mysterious Amazon jungle, cryptic archaeological ruins and patched colonial communities. Colombia boasts all of South America’s allure, and more. Don’t miss while you are in Republic of Columbia: (1) Guided Visit to Botero Museum in Bogota:…

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